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Cocoa Skin Smoothie Face Wash with Coconut Oil | Non Foaming Face Wash For Skin Nourishment(150GM)

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  • FAQ's
  • FAQ's
  • “Bid adieu to dry and dull skin with Cocoa Skin Smoothie”


    A pleasantly fragrant skin ritual, the Cocoa Skin Smoothie is formulated with the nourishing goodness of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and of course – Cocoa Butter. As a source of Vitamin E, cocoa butter has earned praise for its hydrating effects, and the ability to boost collagen retention and production. Changes in skin elasticity and tone are likely to appear with routine and prescribed use.

    Zeoveda Cocoa Skin Smoothie

    There's nothing like a cocoa smoothie on a cold winter's day, yet did you have any idea that it's perfect for your skin as well? Your extravagance midnight guilty pleasure has massive advantages that make all the difference for your face and body. Cocoa smoothie holds many mending and restorative properties, and their utilization returns the whole way to the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. 

    An uplifter for dry got dried, and dull skin, the cocoa smoothie by Zeoveda contains fundamental supplements that support your skin and leave it solid. Look down to see the cocoa smoothie benefits for your skin. Here's the reason it's something beyond a scrumptious element for your sweets.

    Cocoa smoothie Advantages For Skin

    Did you have any idea that the Latin name for cocoa is Theobroma cacao which signifies 'food of the divine beings'? Indeed, cocoa in a real sense is a gift from the divine beings themselves. Famous for its sweet taste, the cocoa smoothie's benefits for the skin are gigantic. Look down to peruse more about this well-known treat and what makes it an extraordinary fix when utilized in your body moisturizer and different items.

    How Cocoa  face wash A Strong Cell reinforcement?

    Wealthy in cell reinforcements, cocoa smoothie face wash assists in battle with liberating revolutionary harm and lessens the indications of maturing. Cell reinforcements assist with switching harms brought about by ecological variables. Cocoa smoothie holds cancer prevention agent flavonoids. These assist with fixing harm brought about by the impacts of UV beam harm.

    How cocoa smoothie Gives You An Energetic Gleam?

    One of the advantages of a cocoa smoothie for the skin is that it leaves it with a young sparkle. The cell reinforcements present in skincare items like face washes help battle and diminish UV harm. Besides, it assists increment the blood streaming to your skin and leaves it with a ravishing flush and gleam.

    How Cocoa smoothie fights early aging?

    Cocoa smoothie non-foaming face wash helps battle wrinkles and different indications of maturing. The cancer prevention agents present to tackle the triggers that make your skin look more established. The L-ascorbic acid and magnesium right away light up the skin and keep it sound and secured. Cocoa smoothie is likewise wealthy in omega-6 unsaturated fats - - these assist with accelerating skin recuperation as well. So the following time you need to utilize a facial covering, think cocoa smoothie!

    How cocoa smoothie lights up skin?

    On account of its mending properties, cocoa smoothie speeds skin cell recharging. The theobromine present in cocoa smoothies can build your bloodstream to the skin's surface. This uncovers fresher, more brilliant skin. The L-ascorbic acid present aids blur dull spots decreasing hyperpigmentation and easing up any kind of flaws.

    How does cocoa smoothie treats skin inflammation?

    Because of its restorative properties, one of the advantages of utilizing cocoa smoothies for the skin is that it helps treat skin breaks out or any kind of imperfections. Stacked with tannins, the mitigating properties lessen redness and relieve dynamic skin inflammation spots. It likewise can lessen skin break-out scars as well.

    How To Use

    Wet your face with warm water and utilize your fingertips to apply the coin-size of Zeoveda cocoa smoothie. Scrubbing your skin irritates it, so resist the urge to clean it. Gently wipe off with a delicate towel after washing with warm water.

    The sooner you begin exploiting the many advantages of cocoa smoothies, the sooner you'll start to see enhancements in your skin. Those advantages incorporate a more energetic, brilliant appearance with fewer kinks. Here is the greatest aspect: you won't acquire a solitary ounce of weight enjoying chocolate along these lines, you'll be getting and partaking in the staggering cocoa benefits for solid skin.

    Manufactured By
    Skinkaanti Ayurveda (ISO Certified – 9001:2015).
    Plot #4. Kami Industrial Estate, Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh 1473220. India.
    Lic No. HIM/cos/2020/311

    Country Of Origin

    Marketed By
    ZEOVEDA ECOMM SOLUTION PVT. LTD. First Floor, SCO No. 57, Old Ambala Road. Dhakoli, Zirakpur – 140603

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 101 reviews

    Good product for dry skin, skin feels fresh after use


    I'm quite picky about my skincare, but this is awesome.

    very good

    I'll never switch to another brand! Thank you Zeoveda


    Cocoa Skin Smoothie Face Wash has made me feel more confident about my skin

    Brilliant product

    This face wash is a heavenly treat for my skin.