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Zeoveda started its journey in 2021 with a vision to revolutionize the world of beauty and wellness. We believe in a holistic approach and know that there are no greater gifts than can be provided by Nature herself. This is why our team of experts ensures that you get nothing but the purest ingredients from us. We, at Zeoveda, strive to look for solutions to all your skincare, haircare and nutrition needs in the lap of Nature alone. Our wide range of products and their unique mixes address every dermatological need and requirement for different skin and hair types. The greatest promise that we deliver to you, however, is that all Zeoveda products are organic and free of harmful toxins such as sulfates and parabens. Not just that, you can be certain to receive all-natural, cruelty-free products in anything that you order from us. That’s still not the best part – every Zeoveda product is dermatologically tested too. We believe that everybody is beautiful just as they are. Our mission is to help you celebrate yourself and look after the gifts that you were bestowed with. The goal is never to alter yourself but to unfetter your real self. Because at Zeoveda we believe that you are
Beautiful Naturally!


We pride ourselves in our unique formulations that are pure, fresh, seasonal, and natural. We take special care in curating the finest derma care and wellness products right from their conception to formulation, production, and distribution while ensuring quality and purity across all stages. None of our products is tested on animals or harms the environment in any way. Being a socially conscious brand, we are forever mindful of the love and care that we must always shell out to Mother Nature. Our variety of certifications is a testament to the standards to which we hold ourselves up.

Dermatologically Tested

Zeoveda products are safe to use on all skin and hair types. Not only do we pick the finest ingredients and keep them practically unadulterated in our formulations, but we also look out for the wellness of our consumers by running all requisite tests on our products. Each Zeoveda product is packaged in environmentally safe packaging after being dermatologically tested and certified to be safe for use.

Welcome to the world of clean

beauty Zeoveda is an organic, skin care and hair care line based on the principles of Ayurveda. We are made in India and believe that nature has blessed us with everything we need to take care of our well-being. This is why we look to Mother Nature for the purest ingredients that then come together in our modern, beautiful packaging. Our formulations rely on ancient Indian wisdom that teaches us how we are all BEAUTIFUL NATURALLY

Organic and Toxin-Free

Pure, fresh, and natural is the Ayurvedic & Zeoveda standard. We believe that beauty products derived from living components, such as plants or their extracts, are naturally balanced and contain the ideal components to give each skin and hair type exactly what it needs. Nature abounds in the purifying, nourishing, and balancing capabilities that are required to nourish and care for ourselves. We ensure that we preserve the goodness of Nature in our products that are uncontaminated by harmful toxins