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A Comprehensive Guide To Your Daily Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

A Comprehensive Guide To Your Daily Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Oily skin is the worst nightmare, while it might be just a nightmare for some, on the other hand many of us have to live with it every single day. Trying everything in our power to get rid of that grease over our face, applying anything that claims to release us of that misery, in the end all we get is unsatisfactory results and not to mention big fat bill. But that doesn’t mean it’s not curable, treating oily skin require diligence and a lot of patience.

Know Your Skin Type First

For beginners, who have no idea how to check their skin type, you can just simply check whether you have shine and greasiness on your cheeks along with your nose and forehead.

Dermatologists say the true nature of skin can be determined after 30 minutes to 1 hour after washing your face. If your face gets shiny and greasy after a while it is oily, if it feels tight and rough then it is dry, lastly if only the nose and forehead get oily and rest of the face remains normal or dry then you have a combination skin.

Causes of Oily Skin

A gland which is responsible for sebum production under our pores and is called sebaceous gland, this gland when starts releasing too much sebum creates oil skin. 

The key to treat oily skin is by understanding its nature first. There are various reasons why our skin starts getting oily, it can vary depending on various scenarios.

  • Genetics

We aren’t blaming it all on your genes, but it is one of the key reasons behind your overactive sebaceous glands. It is quite likely you’ll have an oily skin even if one of your parents has it.

  • Age

You would be stunned to know that no matter how much you hate your oily skin, it slows down your signs of aging.

As you grow old you start to lose skin proteins such as collagen and your skin will start to produce less sebum.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin will remain oily throughout your life. You may have had oily skin in your 20s and when you are about to enter 30s it is turning dry, your skin will change as you age.

  • Climatic

Different weather conditions affect every individual differently, pH balance of the skin can be easily altered under climatic change. Oil production and excessive sweating in the skin, can increase acne breakouts as well.

 It is normal to have oilier skin during hot and humid season, what is not normal is not adjusting your skincare routine accordingly.

  • Enlarged pores

There are numerous reasons behind the enlarged pores, it can be due to age, previous breakouts or weight fluctuation. The pores can’t be shrunk, but can be looked after and cared properly.

  • Usage of wrong skin care products

What’s important here to understand that every skin type is different, what can be applied on dry or normal skin does not mean can be applied on oily skin as well, all you are doing is just worsening your skin.

Even skincare products for combination skin are conceived as useable for oily skin which is so not right. Study your skin well or if you can’t refer to a Dermatologist, they’ll help you out.

  • Overdoing skincare

Skincare is good, whereas on the other hand overdoing it, is definitely a no go.

The whole purpose of washing and exfoliating your face is to bid farewell to that oil floating on your skin, but doing it often can take away too much oil from your skin, further which will put your sebaceous glands on alert making them produce more oil to recover from the loss.

Washing face twice a day is more than enough to keep oil at the edge.

  • Medication

Depending on how your body reacts to medications, many drugs can trigger and cause excess oil production.

Medications like oral contraceptives and hormone replacement are commonly known to cause oily skin. Other than them, few medications may cause dehydration leading the sebaceous glands into overdrive and producing excess oil.

  • Poor diet

Every being is a slave to their taste buds, it’s a fight we love to lose when asked to pick one healthy diet or unhealthy but treat to the taste buds.

Sugar, fried, refined carbohydrates, dairy (butter, cheese) and alcohol, these are some of the products which are hard to resist but at the same time the villain for our skin.

  • Hormonal imbalance

There are numerous logical explanations behind the oil on your face, mensuration, puberty, thyroid, testosterone, menopause, irregular periods, pregnancy, unhealthy diet, any one of these could be the reason behind your hormonal imbalance.

 A visit to your doctor is recommended in order to pursue a proper treatment.

  • Cosmetics

While there might some people whose skin is immune to any quality of product, that might not be the case for you as well.

When you have an oily skin you walk on thin ice, if the product doesn’t say suitable for oily skin, restrict yourself from using it. High quality products labelled as non- comedogenic and oil free are the ones you should opt for, as it’ll not trigger or disturb your sebaceous glands.

Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

  • Cleanse

You can’t move further in your skincare routine until and unless you haven’t cleansed your face with a nice and mild, foaming or gel- based cleanser. Make sure it doesn’t dry out your skin much.

A person with any other skin type can afford to wash their only once a day, while oily skin has to be cleansed twice a day as it requires extra care.

You can try ZEOVEDA’s Tea Tree Face Wash made especially for oily skin. Made from tea tree oil, turmeric, curry leaves and alum, the composition of this face wash is formulated keeping in mind the oily skin concerns while healing it at the same point.

  • Exfoliate

This process may only be used twice or thrice a week, but the affect it gives the skin is quite commendable.

Exfoliating skin gently not only removes dead skin cells and reduces oil production, moreover prevents breakouts of pores.

Sea Salt Tea Tree scrub of ZEOVEDA is made out of all natural and skin friendly ingredients, it gently exfoliates the skin without damaging it, while doing all the good to the skin.

  • Use Toner

It’s tricky to care for oily skin, as you have to keep on making sure that no dirt or sebum is leftover by the cleanser inside your pores.

Toner is a must step when you an oily skin, make sure your toner is alcohol- free as it’ll balance out the pH balance of your face well.

To get yourself that refreshing and soothing skin, try out ZEOVEDA’s Cucumber Mist Toner, the freshness and coolness of cucumber will relax and rejuvenate your skin well.

  • Moisturize

No matter if your skin is producing extra oil, you can never skip out on moisturizer.

Instead of going for heavy creams that clog your pores, choose light weight moisturizer as it won’t trigger the oil glands.

One such moisturizer is our Almond and Honey Lotion; it dissolves in the skin easily and is so light weight that is does not irritate the skin after being applied.

Looking after oily skin is a long and tiring process, but the results are worth the trouble. Keep on trying and stay strong. Consistency has never disappointed anyone, don’t worry it won’t disappoint you.

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